Haskap Production & Domestic Wine Sales

Dedicated to production, processing and shipping world wide, frozen Haskap production and derivative products.

Market Focus

Our strategies

  • To supply a unique variety of high quality Haskap wine and spirits, as well as frozen and fresh Haskap berries.
  • We have created a network of wine and spirits manufacturers in order to assure quality and quantity which the Japanese market demands.
  • We are fully compliant with the high standards of Canadian regulatory authorities: CBSA, CFIA, BCLDB, and CRA
    Our Ethics
  • Here at Maximoto, Inc. we are accommodating and efficient. We employ effective and fair business practices. We rely on and practice deeply ingrained integrity, fostering trust and cooperation for the very long term.


Our C.E.O.

  • Mitchell buys and sells business entities, and is a Project Manager in landscape design and installation.
  • He consults in Dairy Farm Management, and is teaching Undergraduate students practical methods of creating and running a business in British Columbia.
  • He exported manufactured wood products to Japan in the 1980s and exported BC fish products to China in the 2000s.
  • He established an 8-acre vineyard in Tonasket, Washington.
  • Remarkable success in the finer points of Project Management in many fields, but particularly in human relations and meeting contract demands.
  • EDUCATION: BA Commerce SFU, 1975
    Diploma in Management Accounting APA, 1978
    Diploma in Christian Studies VST, 2005

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Many fine producers contribute to Maximoto Inc.
They make our Honeysuckle Dreams come true.

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