About Us

Maximoto Inc. trades in Canadian Haskap berries and derivative products

Our Product Offerings

  • Haskap wine and spirits
  • Haskap ice cream
  • Haskap candies
  • Haskap snacks
  • Haskap freeze dried products

If there is sufficient interest, we plan to offer fresh hermetically sealed Haskap berries to the Tokyo fresh fruit market.

Maximoto is also authorized to import and sell Japanese wine and spirits in the Canadian market

Our company acts as a trade broker between Japanese producers and wholesalers and Canadian producers and manufacturers in the agri-food industry of both countries.

Our Strategies

  • To supply a unique variety of high quality Haskap wine and spirits, as well as frozen and fresh Haskap berries.
  • We have created a network of wine and spirits manufacturers in order to assure quality and quantity which the Japanese market demands.
  • We are fully compliant with the high standards of Canadian regulatory authorities: CBSA, CFIA, BCLDB, and CRA

Our Ethics

Here at Maximoto, Inc. we are accommodating and efficient. We employ effective and fair business practices. We rely on and practice deeply ingrained integrity, fostering trust and cooperation for the very long term.