Meet Don Mitchell, CEO

Donald Mitchell has enjoyed a long management consulting career serving small business, commercial and institutional construction, dairy feed, bovine nutrition, forage crop management, and adult education.

He is a part-time lecturer in Organization Behaviour, Business Ethics & Accounting at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC), and Fraser Valley University (Abbotsford, BC), and Hospitality Industry Manager of Hotel, Beverage & Food Service. (Vancouver, BC)


Mitchell buys and sells business entities, and is a Project Manager in landscape design and installation.

He consults in Dairy Farm Management, and is teaching Undergraduate students practical methods of creating and running a business in British Columbia.

He exported manufactured wood products to Japan in the 1980s and exported BC fish products to China in the 2000s.

He established an 8-acre vineyard in Tonasket, Washington.


Remarkable success in the finer points of Project Management in many fields, but particularly in human relations and meeting contract demands.


  • BA Commerce SFU, 1975
  • Diploma in Management Accounting APA, 1978
  • Diploma in Christian Studies VST, 2005